About Mistress Morgan Domme in Sydney

Introducing Mistress Morgan Domme

Mistress Morgan Domme is a Professional Dominatrix and Lifestyle Mistress, from New Zealand.   She is a beautifully wicked Domina and a sexy, smart, educated and humorous woman, with a passion for BDSM play and love of the Femdom lifestyle.

Session wise, she caters for newbies through to experience players and covers both  

  • TPE = Total Power Exchange Sessions and loves pushing boundaries.
  • Sessions compromising of your personal kinks and fetishes.
  • Sessions combining both TPE and your personal choices.

Her dungeon is in the discreet location of Kings Park, Sydney 2148.  

A few minutes from the M7 Motorway and 15 mins from the M4, heading west from Parramatta.  Marayong train station is a 20 min walk away.    

Mistress Morgan's dungeon is well equipped with a wide variety of BDSM furniture, BDSM toys and is always growing.

There is ample parking and showering facilities.  

If you are interested in her views on BDSM, sexuality, life, love and relationships see her page Ask Mistress Morgan

For answers to commonly asked questions regarding Mistress Morgan and the sessions she holds, please scroll further down.  


Common Questions & Answers

Mistress Morgan Domme

Can I fuck Mistress Morgan?

Why is Mistress Morgan is so cheap than other Mistresses/Dominatrix’s who charge up to $500 an hour?
* She believes BDSM pay for play should be reasonably priced
* She enjoys her work and would rather be sessioning, than not    
* She operates a different business model to other Mistresses/Dominatrix's

Does Mistress Morgan ‘Switch’ or 'Sub"?

Will Mistress Morgan suck my cock?  
No but she can arrange for a male slave or cross dresser to do it

How do I book a session with Mistress Morgan?
Contact her

Can I fuck Mistress Morgan?

Does Mistress Morgan provide a safe word?
If you ask for one.

Is Mistress Morgan a real person?

Is Mistress Morgan a trannie?

Can I fuck Mistress Morgan?

Does Mistress Morgan want to see me or my cock on Skype for free?

What are Mistress Morgan’s limits?
Kids and animals.

Can I fuck Mistress Morgan?

Does Mistress Morgan want to see photos of my asshole?

When is Mistress Morgan coming to my town/city/country?
Contact her and ask

Does Mistress Morgan want me as her lifestyle slave?
If you're prepared to put your money where your mouth is to show your serious and not just jerking off to the idea or looking for a free ride.  Training for lifestyle slaves starts at 5K.  Click here for more info

But I am really unique compared to all those 'other pretend lifestyle slaves', will she make an exception for me?
Yes.  The price for your training starts at 10K.

What if what I want is not listed on Mistress Morgan’s site?
Contact her

Does Mistress Morgan ‘party and play’?
No.  Mistress Morgan does not drink alcohol or use drugs but has no problems if you want too during a session.  However extreme intoxication isn’t tolerated for safety reasons.    

Can I fuck Mistress Morgan?

I can’t afford a session, what should I do?
Get a second job.

Does Mistress Morgan cater for females?

I did a ‘no show’ for a session.  What should I do?
Contact her

Is there anything Mistress Morgan can’t help me with or arrange for me?
Yes.  If you’re an asshole, she can’t work with that.  

Can I fuck Mistress Morgan?

I want a really 'extreme' session, will she do it?

Does Mistress Morgan cater for outside play?

What about public play?
Will Mistress Morgan blackmail me?
Only if you ask nicely and pay a deposit

Will Mistress Morgan phone me?
No fuck face,  if you want a session you need to phone her.

Will Mistress Morgan accept collect calls from me?

Does Mistress want to exchange a ton of text messages with me, despite the fact I never book session?

Does Mistress Morgan want to talk to me at 4am?
No.  Mistress only takes calls between 9am - 8pm. 

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