Fantasy Role Plays

Mistress Morgan, Das Machina and other available Mistresses also cater for a wide variety of popular fantasy role plays and you're also welcome to request your own.  

Female Authority Figures


Mother, Aunty, Grandma, Head Mistress, Boss, Matron, Mother Superior, Prime Minister, Judge, Personal Trainer, Police Woman, Hit Woman, Gangsta Moles, Bank Teller, Air Hostess, Step Mother, Mother In Law

Male Authority Figures


Father, Uncle, Head Master, Boss, Priest, Doctor, Pimp, Coach,  Biker,  Jesus, Parole Officer, Jailer/Screw, Rapist, Military, Shrink, Ice Cream Man, Gangstas, Serial Killer, Step Father, Father In Law, Teacher/Tutor

Super Natural/Super Heroes


Vampires, Aliens, Witch, Occult, Horror Film Characters, Monsters, Demons, Batman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, The Riddler, Doctor Heiter