Information for lifestyle slaves

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What is a Lifestyle slave?

A Lifestyle slave is a Total Power Exchange relationship which involves the slave FULLY turning over EVERY aspect of his life to the control of his Mistress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He becomes owned by his Mistress and wears a collar which reflects this ownership. 

How do I become Mistress Morgan's Lifestyle slave?

You begin by making an immediate non refundable $500 deposit before your personal slavery will even be discussed/considered.

See payment methods

The total cost to be trained as a slave for Mistress Morgan is $5000.  

The further payment of $4500 can be paid off during the course of the 4 weeks of training and covers a lifestyle kit, in person weekend long sessions and remote/online/text training during the week so you can continue with your employment. 


This cost is in place to weed out slaves who are not serious about investing in their own future or expect a Mistress to financially support them - if that is the case you need a Mummy to look after you not a Mistress who'll own you.         

When you successfully complete the training, a collar is awarded and your paid fees invested in the BDSM equipment needed for your own personal slavery.

Please read through Mistress Morgan's website to learn more about her and when you think you are ready to begin your Lifestyle training, contact Mistress Morgan to make the necessary arrangements.

What Lifestyle slavery is not?

A situation where you get free room and board

A chance to get free sessions

A way to get yourself out of a bad situation.  I.e. legal issues

A girlfriend/boyfriend arrangement

A way for you to stop earning a living

Mistress Morgan's preferences in Lifestyle slaves

  • over 40 years old
  • bi sexual preferably vers
  • GSOH
  • financially stable
  • well traveled
  • open minded
  • good/stable mental health
  • successful and flexible career
  • an attitude of servitude
  • no illegal drug/alcohol/porn addiction
  • previous BDSM lifestyle experience desired but not required