Payment methods


Cash is the preferred form of payment.  You can pay cash at the time of your session.


Direct bank transfer Contact Mistress Morgan for her bank account details in NZ or AUS.


 If you need more discretion here are other 'currencies' Mistress Morgan will accept as payment for sessions:

Gift Cards

BDSM furniture

BDSM clothing and toys

Specific IT services

Items brought on Bunnings accounts

Rental cars

Travel vouchers

Prepaid motel/hotel bookings

However the value of  some of these other 'currencies' are only recognised as being worth half the value of actual cash so $1 in barter is only worth 50 cents.

Please contact Mistress Morgan if you want to arrange a 'barter deal'.

If you are just looking for a cheaper session rather than discretion, this option won't suit you cupcake!


The ONLY time Mistress Morgan refunds any payments is if she cancels the arrangements herself for personal reasons.