GetLost! Extended Fantasy Sessions


Live out a long held fantasy under the guidance and watchful eye of Mistress Morgan 

 BDSM is as psychological as it is physical and sexual.  

Imagine having Mistress Morgan as deep inside of your mind as your body.....  

Booking and Deposit required

5 -7 hours =  $700

7 - 12 hours = $1000

12 - 18 hours = $1500 

* extra costs involved for other Mistresses or Masters

Some Popular Requests

  • X Dressing shopping trips and makeovers
  • Kidnapped and held hostage
  • Locked away in a cage/coffin and left
  • Tied up outside naked and left
  • Ongoing blackmail schemes
  • Kept and treated like a dog
  • Accompany Mistress to a local BDSM event
  • Gang Banged by men
  • Glory Hole slut
  • Hunted like an animal in the bush
  • Pimped out as a x dressing sex worker

Slave for The Day


Spend the Day/Evening as Mistress Morgan's Personal Slave

$400.00 per slave

6 - 8 hour TPE Session

Includes personal sessions and sessions involving others

Must be Bi Sexual or Bi Curious

 BDSM history/experience must be provided - total newbies also welcome 

Booking and Deposit Required

Session Start Times

You must arrive at these times - ass cleaned out for anal play and pubic hair trimmed - unless otherwise specified

Day:  10am

Night :  7pm

If you arrive heavily intoxicated you will be turned away

If you require an enema there is an extra $50 cost

BDSM Holidays


Live In as Mistress Morgan's Personal Slave

from $500.00 per day

4 secret private Dungeon locations or be taken on a mystery tour

Payment plans available for slaves who are financially challenged and can't save

Click here to be taken to BDSM Holidays New Zealand

NOTE:  Only time you're not treated like a slave is when you're in your own room - unless Mistress Morgan is in a particularly good mood because then it's an overnight caging for you cupcake!